AllCover Life

How would your family cope if you were suddenly taken away from them? How would they meet next week’s mortgage repayment, next month’s school fees or your final medical and funeral costs? That is why life insurance equals peace of mind, knowing that should the unforeseen occur, your loved ones will be able to cope financially.

Allcover Life works with Australia’s top Life Insurance Companies to give you the best options in relation to price, service and quality. Not to mention peace of mind knowing that your family is protected if you were no longer there to provide for them.

In addition to Life Insurance, Allcover Life can also provide Income Protection Insurance. This protects the income that provides for your current lifestyle and makes sure your financial obligations are covered as you concentrate on getting better.

Trauma Insurance payouts can be used to cover medical costs associated with suffering a critical illness or may also be used to payout debts so you can focus 100% on recovering.

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